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Programs and grants

We fulfil our mission in cooperation with you.
Grant programs define the possibility of aiming the support of grants.
Allowance of a grant is subjected to an investigation and approval of the board. Grant process, which is concerned with assigning foundation resources, is subjected to grant rules. These are adjusted yearly according to evaluations of finished projects and activities.
Assigning resources is done in accordance with the effective law and the foundation official status.

Program 1 - Prevention

Program 2 - Family

Program 3 - Compensation




 Grants' process
• Board of directors’ decision – specifying grant
  rounds and deadlines
• Announcement of the grant round
• Receiving the applications
• Communication with applicants, supplementing the 
• Deadline for applications
• Processing the applications
• Evaluating the applications
• The board takes decisions about assigning the 
• Communication with applicants, reporting back the 
• Legal contract is concluded, grant documents are
• Signed contracts and documents are sent to the
  respective grant recipients
• 75% of the grant is sent to the recipients
• Monitoring reports are inspected, visualization
• Final reports and financing are inspected
• Final 25% of the grant is paid to the recipient
• Documentation is archived



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